Our Process

Discovery Process:

The purpose of the discovery process is to obtain a thorough understanding of our clients’ personal and financial circumstances, attitudes towards risk, time horizons and both near-term and longer-term personal and financial goals. These conversations will allow our team to get to know you, your family, your desires in life, any emotions affecting your financial decisions, how you envision your future and the legacy you would like to leave behind. This is a critical process to ensure we have a complete picture of our clients’ unique situation so that all investment and financial planning recommendations are tailored to individual needs.

Portfolio Construction & Implementation:

The information gathered in the discovery process is used to construct a roadmap for achieving clients’ objectives. This includes a recommendation for an appropriate strategic asset allocation and investment strategy that is most suitable to meeting the goals and objectives of the client, while incorporating risk tolerance, time horizon and any individual investment constraints. Once a mutual commitment to the investment strategy and any financial planning has been achieved, the portfolio will be implemented.

Ongoing Portfolio Monitoring, Review and Rebalancing:

Monitoring is an imperative stage of the investment process. Not only is it important to continuously monitor and evaluate the performance of each component of the portfolio, it is just as important to stay abreast on all significant changes in the clients’ financial or life situation as this can have a great impact on the desired composition of the portfolio. Any required re-balancing of the portfolio will be completed as required to incorporate decisions made throughout the portfolio review and re-allocate assets classes and positions to desired weights.