Wealth & Estate Planning

Portfolio Management


Conservative wealth management expertise, tailored for your specific needs.


With today’s more complex and globally interconnected markets, many investors put their trust in professional portfolio management to build and protect wealth. 

Our Private Investment Management Program (PIM) combines institutional-style portfolio management with the undivided attention of a dedicated Portfolio Manager, and the industry expertise required to attain the PM designation. Private Investment Management delivers tailor-made solutions for wealth management that reflect your financial goals and priorities – today and for future generations.



To meet the demands and objectives of our high net worth clientele, our team is pleased to offer three globally managed portfolios. At the core of these investment mandates is a primary focus on capital preservation, with a key focus on risk management and a secondary objective of capital growth. The flexibility of the investment strategy enables the portfolio managers to identify themes within the equity, fixed income and currency markets. 

These portfolios feature an extremely competitive rate of 0.75% for assets greater than $2.5MM, encompassing all portfolio oversight and rebalancing, comprehensive wealth and estate services, financial planning and general administration. 


Professional Asset Management

  • A consultative process that customizes the Program to your financial needs and goals
  • Rules-based portfolio selection process with security-specific fundamental analysis
  • Ongoing monitoring of positions, with quarterly rebalancing in accordance to market conditions and changing expectations

Fee Transparency

  • Highly predictable and transparent asset-based fee schedule

Consolidated, Comprehensive Performance Reporting

  • Detailed monthly statements
  • Quarterly consolidated view of your portfolio
  • Year-end accounting summary



Tax Advantages

  • Direct ownership of securities eliminates hidden or embedded capital gains
  • Potential for tax deduction on professional fees paid







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